Grete Taylor


Grete started DanceSport when she was just six years old in her homeland Estonia and has been competing ever since.


She expanded her knowledge and studied Contemporary, Jazz and Classical Styles at the Tallinn University in Estonia. Grete moved to Perth in 2010 to further her competitive career and has now made Perth her home.


Grete, together with her dance partner Craig Denham, won the Australian Professional Standard Championship in Melbourne in 2012 and were, for a number of successive years, nominated as Australia's official representatives to the World Standard Championships.


Dancing is a lifestyle, sport and profession for Grete. She is an accredited Instructor and Coach of DanceSport and is registered with DanceSport Australia the governing body for competitive ballroom dancing.  Grete has attended numerous DanceSport Camps all over the world to further her knowledge as a performer and coach.  She has also worked with a qualified Neurolinguistic Professional to gain better insight into the human mind and body.


Grete's achievements:

  • Australian Championship Professional Standard Finalist

  • South Pacific Professional Standard Champion 

  • Australia's Representative to the World Professional Standard Championships

    • 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia,

    • 2012 in Blackpool, United Kingdom

    • 2013 in Moscow, Russia

    • 2015 in Blackpool, United Kingdom

  • Australian Professional Standard Champion 2012

  • DanceSport WA Competitive Couple of the Year Award 2013

The introduction of Para Dance by DanceSport WA was very exciting for Grete as she was asked to run the first-ever pilot program for juniors in WA and Australia by DanceSport Chairman Judy Pegus.  Grete attended the coach training program and participated in the “Come and Try” Day.  Grete is inspired by her students and is grateful for the opportunity to work with all children who want to move and have fun.

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Kari Harrison


Kari started dancing as a little girl and loved it from the very beginning. Through high school she helped out in the kids and adult classes in her dance studio. She worked through the medal system and went on to complete her teaching accreditation in standard and latin dance styles.

She has been working full time in the dancing industry for approximately 10 years and when Para Dance classes commenced, she jumped at the opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills further.

Kari’s dad is a Paralympic sailor with many highlights in his career including winning gold in Rio. Kari and her sister spent many weekends at the yacht club working with the Sailability program and Para Dance seemed a wonderful progression.

She is very interested in how the body works and how dancing as an activity can improve daily life. Her mum is a physio and she is very lucky to work closely with her. Kari’s mum visits Danz Active classes and recently said that it is one of the best therapy sessions she has ever seen. This is a high praise coming from a physio who has done a lot of work with people with different abilities.

Kari enjoys working with the students in the Para Dance class and seeing their progress. She has witnessed physical changes as the dancers improve their strength, balance and coordination. She also believes Para Dance helps her students gain confidence and a sense of being part of a loving community.

Lauren Chisholm


Lauren has been around dancing her whole life. Her parents were professional dancers and ran a ballroom dance studio since before she was born. As Lauren got older, she was very fortunate to do both ballroom and theatrical training. She completed ballroom medals and performed at jazz, tap, singing and troupe shows for 12 years growing up.


Since 2013 she has run the DanceScore system for several of the dancing societies in WA.  The program is a scrutineering system that wirelessly collects the judge's marks and calculates the results. Whilst the role is hard work the payoff is being able to see so many talented people show their passion for a dance at each competition.


She genuinely looks forward to every Saturday morning class. She always has a great time dancing and feels absolute joy to see how far the kids progress in a short space of time. She witnesses how their confidence grows, their personalities come out and their abilities improve.

Imogen Sturcke


Imogen Sturcke was born in Western Australia and has been involved in Dancesport since she was six years old, coming from a family centred around dancing. During her career so far, Imogen has achieved national and local placings, as well as several Australian titles in the forms of Latin, ballroom, and new vogue.


She is 18 years old currently, attending Edith Cowan University (ECU) studying a Bachelor of Science Degree, and is going to be competing with her partner in the adult and youth divisions of standard.


Dancing has been a large part of her life since childhood, with 4 times a week alongside her studies at the moment, but she enjoys helping with the class as a way to help nurture young dancers no matter their ability. Its important for the children to enjoy themselves, and no matter the time, she loves helping them settle into everything and find joy in dancing with each other.

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Harrison Sturcke


Harrison Sturcke was born in Australia and comes from a dancing family.  He has been involved in dancing since he was six years old and started competing at that time also in local competitions.   During his career so far he has achieved State and National Titles and Australian Finalist Placings.


Harri competes with his partner in National and Local DanceSport Competitions in the Junior Category which is for under 16 years old.


Dancing is a big part of his life and he spends 4 times a week training with his partner and helps also with the all-abilities class on Saturdays and partners the children at competitions which he loves encouraging and seeing them on the floor enjoying the sport


One day he would like to become an Australian Champion or World Champion.  He has competed in the Eastern States and Singapore and wishes to travel more which he feels that he can do through dancing opportunities that he is involved in.

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Gavin Smith

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Gavin has been dancing from the tender age of 3. His parents, who are also dancers put him in a social class and he hasn’t stopped since. Now, dancing consumes his whole life. Whether it’s teaching, training, competing, choreographing or just dancing in the middle of a shopping center. 

Gavin is an avid Dancesport Competitor who loves to be out on the competition floor. He has had many partners over the year, at one time specializing in Latin but is now back to both Ballroom and Latin. 

In 2016 he graduated from ECU, with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with a major in Drama and Dance, and in 2019 gone back to do his Masters of Teaching.

One of Gavin’s passions is choreographing, having worked, and performed in many shows for cabarets and fundraisers. He has also been the choreographer for School Musicals such as Grease, Seussical, Legally Blonde, and High School Musical. Gavin loves to come up with new and funky ways to move as well as intricate ways to form beautiful shapes and patterns. 

His other passion, of course, is teaching. Gavin teaches both adults and children to dance almost every day of the week and believes that there’s something special about sharing dance with other people. It brings joy and happiness to both students and the teacher.


Gavin has said he loves to bring out the best in other people. 

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” P.T Barnum (The Greatest Showman)


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Judy Williams


Judy is a DanceSport accredited coach with many years of experience training competitors and elite students for their coaching and adjudicator accreditations.

She is a National and International Adjudicator, has Fellowship Degrees in Latin and Standard, holds her Scrutineer’s license and is a Chairman of Adjudicators.

Judy is currently Chairman of DanceSport WA. 


In October 2018 Judy was invited by the IPC to participate in the first Asian Para Dance Coaching Course in Taipei, Taiwan.


Judy Williams was instrumental in bringing Para-DanceSport to Australia and Western Australia. She introduced the program to Western Australia in 2018.

Judy kindly volunteers her expertise and time.